OUR GREATEST ASSET IS OUR PEOPLE.   Burger King® sells the best fire-grilled hamburgers in the world. We are looking for Management and Team Members who are motivated, team oriented, friendly, dependable and driven to providing excellent guest service!


    The Bart-Rich Group is always looking for great people. Are you one? Then check out the career opportunities below.

    Find the career opportunity you’ve been looking for with the King. 

    Our In-Restaurant opportunities give you the chance to zero-in on a job that’s just right for you.




Real Stories.  Real People.

You strive to be the center of your universe.  No paid actors here. Real people, real stories, real opportunities with a company that allows you to be you.  Whatever you’re looking for in a job, at the Bart-Rich Group, we have a spot on our team to match your talents, capabilities, and dreams!

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A Day in the Life

Every day is a new experience. And anything is possible. Like starting Part-time one minute – and then making a name for yourself the next.


You Want the Good Stuff?  You've Come to the Right Place! 

Competitive Salaries - Our salary range and structures are extremely competitive, and often we are the compensation leaders in the restaurant industry as well as other fields of management. We consistently evaluate trends and needs in order to remain a leader in this area.

incentive Program - We have a lucrative incentive Plan for our Managers and Assistant Mangers that rewards them for quantitative results based on their performance and pride to excel.

Training Program - Our training program is an on-going process; training that continues as you continue your career path and seek new levels of management and upward mobility. We will keep you well informed and trained on the newest techniques and changes in our industry which will keep you moving towards your goals.

Evaluation/Review Process - It is our intent to keep our Managers and management teams well informed of their progress and standing. In order to successfully carry this out, we have a very strict policy outlining this procedure. It is to the benefit of the employee and employer to set goals, objectives, and time frames and then monitor the results. We want our Managers to be able to achieve, according to their abilities, the maximum amount of progress in a minimum amount of time, so they can obtain greater results and greater rewards.

Insurance Program - Our insurance program is a very comprehensive program that has been put together for the benefit of all our employees. Our program offers broad coverage that meets the demand and protection that our employees need, and still keeps in mind the cost of the plan. Our comprehensive plan offers:

• Health
• Major Medical
• Life
• Dental
• Long Term Disability

Vacation Policy - In order to allow our employees the opportunity to spend scheduled leisure time, we provide the following time schedule for management:

•  5 days vacation after 10 months
• 10 days vacation after 2 years
• 15 days vacation after 5 years
• 20 days vacation after 10 years

Personal Days - On occasion, it is necessary to be allowed time because of illness or other personal business, so we have already anticipated this need, and allow for three (3) personal days each year.



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